Learn The Rules Of Your Local Court

Learn The Rules Of Your Local Court


County Court Bulk Centre My Pick From The frequently asked questions

What is the Claim process?

The Claimant issues a Claim through the Claim Production Centre (CPC) – further details regarding the CPC can be found on the Bulk Centre web site. When the Claim form is sent, the Defendant has 14 days to respond to the Claim from the date of service (5 days after the date of issue) before judgment by default may be entered.  This information can be found at the top of your Claim form.

If you send an Acknowledgment of Service, you then have 28 days after the date of service to send your Defence or Part Admission. If you agree to the full amount then complete the N9A form and send this directly to the Claimant.  Submitting an admission response may result in Judgment being entered against you.

All of the above information can be found in your Claim pack.


This case in the EU Court of Justice may sound rather abstruse, but is actually quite important. When someone starts a claim in the English courts for, say, a debt owed, and the defendant does not put in a defence, the claimant can simply ask the court to enter judgment for the sum claimed, and can bring enforcement proceedings based upon that judgment. In this procedure, the court is acting administratively, and typically no judge will be involved in the process. All very simple then.

But that is not what happened in this case. The complication was that  the claimant wished to enforce the English judgment in Latvia.

Northampton Bulk Centre.

The purpose of the Bulk Centre is to provide an excellent service designed around the diverse needs of our customers. We use modern, streamlined systems to facilitate the removal of repetitive staff-intensive work from local courts to a central, computer-supported office in Northampton. There are about 170 staff dealing with the work at the Bulk Centre, which is made up of:

What is your address, fax and DX number?

The Northampton Bulk Centre
4th floor, St Katherine’s House
21-27 St Katherine’s Street
NN1 2LH Tel: 0845 408 5302
Fax: 0845 408 5304
DX: 702885 Northampton 7

English: It is showing a person a claim form t...

English: It is showing a person a claim form to a legislator Español: Es una persona mostrando un formulario de reclamacion a un legislador (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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