Ian Bone

As well as being given immunity from prosecution witnesses against Nicky Jacobs were given money to testify by the police

Whittam said “during their time as witnesses they have been provided with some degree of financial assistance by police” for their “willingness to give evidence and co-operation”. He said payments were “subject to a strict authorisation procedure and are limited.”

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  1. I believe this is lawful,In 1992 Bernie Grant,got on a stage to call for witnesses to come forward,on the understanding if they punched or kicked they wouldn’t be prosecuted,but not stabbed, 14 different statements were given to the police on who they thought did it,but all those people were too scared to be named or have part of their identities revealed, as such, maybe witnesses now, need a small financial incentive to reveal what they saw, as by saying so,they could still,possibly have their identities revealed ,by the explanations they’re giving,

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