English law

Criminal Law
Proceedings for a criminal case will be initiated by the police and the Crown Prosecution Service(CPS) but will all be brought in the name of the Crown. A criminal case will usually be held before a Magistrate in a Magistrates’ Court or a judge and jury in the Crown Court.
Civil Law
The main intention of the civil law is to protect individuals against one another specifying the rights and duties of individuals. Care Proceedings are initiated under the doctrine of Civil Law.

The term ‘McKenzie Friend‘ has been adopted in family law to describe an individual who provides assistance to a litigant in person (somebody not represented by either a solicitor or barrister). This support is needed for those litigants th…at neither qualify for public funding nor have the financial means to pay for qualified representation..
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“Gerry Conlon dies: Guildford Four member who never gave up his fight for justice”

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After their arrest, all four defendants confessed to the bombing under intense amount of coercion by the police. These statements were later retracted, but nonetheless formed the basis of the case against them. They would later be alleged to be the result of coercion by the police, ranging from intimidation to torture—including threats against family members—as well as the effects of drug withdrawal. Conlon argues in his autobiography that a key factor in his purportedly coerced confession was the fact that strengthened anti-terrorism laws passed in the early 1970s allowed the police to hold suspects without charges for up to a week, rather than the previous limit of 48 hours, and that he might have been able to withstand the treatment he had received had the original time limit been in…

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