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Affidavits are typically included in the response to interrogatories and requests for admissions.

What Is an Affidavit of Fact?

See on – Public Law Children Act Cases As a proxy or stand-in for a physical witness, an affidavit of fact is used in court as sworn testimony to a specific fact. Affidavits of fact are used in cases …Continue reading


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As an operation of law, the Respondent, if they want to rebut, has to rebut your Affidavit point-by-point via a sworn affidavit and providing ‘evidence to support’ why your statement is not true. Are they ever going to be able to do that? Of course they are not; and they never can, because your affidavit offers facts and truth and all the legal world can ever offer is fraud and falsehoods. So what have you got then? You have got a lawfully binding agreement of the highest order that no other party can impair. Continue reading →


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