Diversity and Community Relations Judges (DCRJs)

Diversity and Community Relations Judges (DCRJs)

The work of the Diversity and Community Relations Judges

There are more than 100 Diversity and Community Relations Judges across England and Wales. They undertake a huge amount of community engagement in a voluntary capacity. They also seek to encourage legal professionals from under-represented groups to consider a judicial career. They actively seek to dispel myths surrounding the judiciary and to act as a link between the courts and all local communities.

What the DCRJs do

The main role of a DCRJ is:

  1. To engage with the wider community through outreach work (schools, universities, business, community groups, faith groups, wider civil society) to dispel the myths that surround the judiciary giving people a more accurate understanding of the role of the judge and the justice system
  2. To make links with the legal professions and law students particularly from under represented groups and to make those individuals aware that a judicial career is available to people of all backgrounds provided they have the qualities and abilities needed by the judiciary and thus to encourage greater diversity among applicants on merit;
  3. Assisting other members of the judiciary with diversity and community relations issues and to act as diversity role models in their respective courts and tribunals.

DCRJs also visit schools and universities to talk to students about the justice system, and to encourage them to seek employment in it. They invite pupils from local schools to their courts, so that they can get an “insider’s” view of the process. Then, pick freely which child to traffic into the social services system. Court and Tribunal Finder.