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Housing Law – Legal News

What Happens if a Landlord Won’t Repair?

Image: newboldsolicitors

If you live in a rented property, most maintenance and repair work is your landlord’s responsibility. If your boiler stops working, the landlord should get it fixed; if there’s a leak or an electrical fault, it’s the landlord who has to sort it out. In most cases, a tenant’s only responsibilities are to pay rent, keep the property reasonably clean, and refrain from abusing or misusing the property.
So what happens if your landlord refuses to make necessary repairs? If you’re very unlucky, you could end up like Shukri Ibrahim, a 49-year-old mother of seven from London. Ms Ibrahim’s landlord, Tarrek Aslam, failed to repair several leaks in her home, and his refusal to do his duty caused Ms Ibrahim’s kitchen ceiling to collapse earlier this month.
Here’s what she had to say about the incident:
“I was getting milk out of the fridge when I heard a noise and it all came down…whenever I asked Mr Aslam [to fix the leaks] he says he has the power to kick me out from the house. He never comes to fix anything. He just threatens us with eviction.”
If this description mirrors your current situation – living in a state of disrepair, paying rent to a landlord who refuses to do anything about it – then you need to take action before something disastrous happens. Don’t wait for your ceiling to collapse like Ms Ibrahim’s; if your landlord hasn’t repaired your home in spite of repeated requests to do so, it’s time to contact a housing solicitor. Depending on the circumstances, they may advise you to withhold rent until repairs are made, or they may take your landlord to court on your behalf.
Contacting a legal professional is the first step towards ensuring that your landlord’s negligence is punished. Tarrek Aslem was fined over £5,000 after Ms Ibrahim’s ceiling collapsed, and disrepair is often grounds for compensation. Contact your nearest Newbold Solicitors office to find out what we can do for you.
Photo and quotation from London Evening Standard
Article sourced from NewBold Solicitors, 2nd April 2015

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