via Malicious Prosecution.

A growing number of people are now suing the police for damages in court instead of making a complaint against the police.

Two reasons for this are:

  1. if you are successful you get financial compensation (cash) and
  2. people are realising that taking out a complaint against the police rarely succeeds

Have you been a victim of police misconduct and want to know if you can take them to court? This leaflet gives you an idea about whether you can take the matter further and what you should do next. Obviously your chances of succeeding in suing the police are better if you have witnesses supporting your claims and any other evidence to back up your case. It may be difficult to win if it is just your word against theirs.

Most people want to sue the police because they have been wrongly arrested, assaulted by the police or prosecuted for something they didn’t do. Here are some things you should know about these types of action:

Wrongful Arrest
Unlawful arrest and detention is called false imprisonment. The police must justify any arrest and detention, so if you think the police have acted outside their powers it is worthwhile getting further advice. False imprisonment can happen on the street, in your home, in a police vehicle and of course at the police station – in fact any place where the police control your freedom.  Continue reading →

An employer is strictly liable for torts committed by those under his command, when they are found to be his employees. To this end, the courts must find a sufficient relationship to this effect, where issues of vicarious liability are raised.

Continue reading →

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