Prepare A Court Bundle

Prepare A Court Bundle

[DOC] Template for an Index for a Court Bundle – The Custody Minefield

Then the next page will be your detailed list of page contents. Making sure the details corresponds with Section A, Section B and so forth, using excel spread sheet to create a table, can be the best way to do this.

Each page must be numbeedr and itemised within the table.

When Rt Justice Lord Alan Ward complained about my bundle, they were not my own bundles. They were indeed those prepared by Mr. Prester Coleman Solicitors and that of DFA Law, who Coleman run to when he shut shop and run away guess where he is now employed by DFA Law, Northampton.  The Civil Appeal Court demanded that I repair their bundles. I would travel to London on a regular basis to do so. In the end they also helped, but then we both gave up when we found crucial orders were indeed missing from their bundles. The orders permitting the council to smash into my home and place my child in care.


Take A Break With Northampton County Court

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